Junior Curling Top 10


10.      The Bemidji Junior Committee just put on the outdoor curling event at Winterfest this last weekend.  Proceeds from this event go to support the Junior Curling Program.

9.        Junior funds are used to purchase brooms and sliders for use by the Juniors and others during open bonspiels.   We have also purchased curling shoes that are rented to the kids for $20.00/year.

8.        Each Junior Curler can get up to $405.00 in reimbursements if they take advantage of all the options:

  • $50.00 reduction in league dues if they join the club.
  • Payment in full of entry fee for State play downs.
  •  Travel reimbursement for out of town bonspiels

7.        They can participate in two Junior bonspiels here per year with a very low entry fee/team.

6.        Travel is arranged as a very low cost to sponsored out of town bonspiels.

  • 8 teams traveled to Fargo for a bonspiel there.
  • 6 teams traveling to Brainerd this weekend.
  • A trip to Chisholm is planned for later this year.
  • Bemidji and Fargo have a standing junior club competition that now is in its 3rd year.
  • Bemidji had 3 teams register for state play downs and two players in the high performance program.
  • Most junior bonspiels in the state have minimum 4 teams from Bemidji

5.        A curler is considered a Junior until they reach 22 years of age.

4.        The number of kids from the Bemidji junior programs that have been to the Olympic trials; won state, national and world championships would be too long to list.

3.        Bemidji has had a representative in the Olympics most years since it was introduced, most started in the Junior program.

  • 1998        Stacy Liapis (alternate)
  • 2002        Kari Erickson, Stacy Liapis
  • 2006        Pete Fenson, Joe Polo, Cassie (Johnson) Potter, Jamie (Johnson) Haskell,  Scott Baird
  • 2010       Natalie (Simonson)Nicholson
  • 2014       Currently participating in the Olympics is Jared Zezel, throwing 2nd on the John Schuster team, Jared went to college at BSU and participated in our junior program.

2.        The program currently has 110 kids participating (plus there is a waiting list), this does NOT include the Bemidji High School Phy Ed program or the BSU classes).  The LARGEST JUNIOR CURLING PROGRAM IN THE COUNTRY!

And……….The number one thing to know is:

  1. You can stop at the club most Monday’s after school or Sunday evenings and see a future OLYMPIAN in training!   

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