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New Wednesday Evening League

In an attempt to bring new curlers into the club and for them to be able to curl the BCC board has

decided to start up a new “novice” league. The adult education curling classes had a good

attendance with about 35 participants. Many of these persons would like to have an opportunity to

curl on a team but there is a lack of vacancies. The “novice league” will be on Wednesday evenings

at 7:30. The format will be similar to the legend / senior leagues on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Teams

will not be the same each nite but will be formed each Wednesday. This is called a “novice league”

but is not just open to novices. We are hopeful that there will be some veteran curlers involved to

be skips for each team. Having a experienced curler on each team will enable the new curlers to

better learn and understand the game. The experienced / veteran curler would act as skip, teacher

and mentor for the “newbie” curlers. This would also be a great chance for some of the curlers that

have some experience playing as 2nds and 3rds to try their hand at skipping. If we are unable to get

some experienced curlers involved there is a good chance that this league will not be successful.

The club needs new members if it wants to remain stable and successful. This is a good chance to

recruit new members and get them involved in the sport of curling and the Bemidji Curling Club.

Anyone needing another curler to complete a team should consider asking one of the Adult

Education Curling class “graduates” to join them. Hopefully by days end there will be a list of names

of the persons interested in being on a team or attending the new league. We are also looking for a

person / persons to “chair” this league. That would probably be just being there on Wed evening ,

forming the teams and hopefully participating on a team.

Anyone interested show up 7:30, Wed evening, 11-18.


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