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Paul Bunyan Bonspiel Draw Times

With 24 teams as of Monday, March 4 the following teams will be curling the early (5:30 pm) draw:

Brian Hastman
Gene Robertson
Rob Carling
Ron Hope
Doug Gospodyn
Thomas Ulve
Trevor Andrews
Peter Bahr
Terry Matson
Randy Baird
Jeff Breyen
Josh Bahr

Followed by the Calcutta then the late (about 9:00 pm) draw:

Matt Robertson
Bruce Bryngelson
Brad Swanson
Eric Shultz
Eric Fenson
Tom Scott
Terry Bergstrom
Aaron Melaren
Aaron Dretsch
Nelson Houle
Evan Workin

If you have questions, shoot us an email at PaulBunyanBonspiel@gmail.com. Good Luck!


One Response to “Paul Bunyan Bonspiel Draw Times”

  1. I bought a couple teams in the Calcutta but had to leave befroe the finals.
    Can you post the winners.


    Posted by Brian Johnson | March 11, 2013, 2:41 pm

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